Creating Digital ART for VR Experiences


Saturday at 2:30pm & Sunday at 10:30am

Presented by Nick Zuccarello and Hezekiah Olopade, FIEA

In this workshop we will take a behind the scenes look at some of the various tools and techniques that are used to generate real-time assets that will be used in Virtual Reality.
We will see digital model building, digital painting and digital sculpting in the computer, these tools and processes will lead into a final viewing of the real-time asset in a VR Experience.

The VR Experience will be an exciting and interactive escape room type of adventure set in the time and place of an Ancient Egyptian Tomb.

This talk will be both an art and technical talk, with a heavier emphasis on art. The experience will be a room scale full body experience.

*Please note this workshop is 2.5 hours in length.