Drones in the Real World


The origin of drones isn’t necessarily what many people think. Even as far back as World War II, unmanned aerial vehicles were used as an eye-in-the-sky form of surveillance. In more recent times, the military has been using drones as armed aircrafts in contemporary missions. But in civilian life, drones have become popular for many different uses. They’re used for catching bird’s-eye view videos and photos, or delivering packages right to your doorstep, and so much more. Drones are the way of the future!

Here are a few of the incredible ways that drones are used today:

  • During crises such as natural disasters or war, drones are able to scan areas that are at risk and help rescuers find people in unsafe conditions.
  • Studying wildlife isn’t an easy task, especially when it’s an animal that lives deep in the ocean. With drones, scientists are able to gather data on humpback whales’ health when the giant creatures finally surface.
  • It has historically been a huge challenge to deliver medical supplies and vaccines to locales that are inaccessible, such as a deep jungle. But with drones, it’s much easier to send these necessities where they need to go.
  • Drones can make it easier for farmers to monitor their crops. They can detect dryness and adjust irrigation levels accordingly, and treat the soil with nutrients and fertilizers.
At Otronicon this year, you can see drones in action right here at Orlando Science Center! Be sure to catch these all-new experiences that are sure to be “super fly!”