Digital Media & Gaming


From retro to next-gen, we’ve got it!

At Otronicon, play and interact with the best in gaming and digital technology. There is something for everyone to enjoy including virtual reality, interactive surface tables, next-generation consoles and even classic arcade machines!

Orlando has become a hub for the digital media industry which includes: modeling, simulation and training; film and television production; and interactive and immersive entertainment. With estimated annual revenue of $9 billion, the digital media sector is second only to the hospitality/tourism industry in the area.

Where better than Otronicon to see what the more than 1,200 companies are producing, chat with the creative professionals responsible and discover the path to a digital media career right in your own backyard.


"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Step right up! Witness scientific wonders that will make you wonder. See the magic that "stems" from (S)cience (T)echnology (E)ngineering and (M)ath. It is all here at Otronicon v.10 where Walt Disney World Engineers presents Math Magic 'Science Fair!'"

This exhibit has several demonstrations that go the behind the scenes of animated figures. In these demos, Disney will show the difference between digital and analog control for animated figures.


Get a hands-on overview of how a video game is created courtesy of Unity, the company of which VentureBeat said, "Few companies have contributed as much to the flowing of independently produced games as Unity Technologies."

Visit their exhibit among the Indie Video Game Developer Showcase as well as their presentations throughout the four days.

Unity 3D logo

The University of Central Florida's School of Visual Arts and Design presents the Character Animation Specialization exhibit in which guests can watch a selection of 3-D animated shorts from previous character animation cohorts. Also see what current animation students have been working on in their senior capstone projects: "Snacktime" and "Enchanted Ink." SVAD students will also be on-site animating, lighting, testing renders and adjusting cameras live from the show floor. Attendees may engage the students in discussions about the animation process or ask specific questions about the program they animate in called Maya.


The University of Central Florida College of Psychology gets involved with Otronicon for the first time this year to showcase the UCF Pegasys Virtual Reality system. Children can interact with avatars to help create artificial intelligence to earn prizes!


Learn all there is to know about the number two-rated graduate game design program in the nation and play from a selection of independent games FIEA's students have been working on and published over the last several months.


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