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From retro to next-gen, we’ve got it!

At Otronicon, play and interact with the best in gaming and digital technology. There is something for everyone to enjoy including virtual reality, interactive surface tables, next-generation consoles and even classic arcade machines!

Orlando has become a hub for the digital media industry which includes: modeling, simulation and training; film and television production; and interactive and immersive entertainment. With estimated annual revenue of $9 billion, the digital media sector is second only to the hospitality/tourism industry in the area.

Where better than Otronicon to see what the more than 1,200 companies are producing, chat with the creative professionals responsible and discover the path to a digital media career right in your own backyard.


Video game developer studio, Iron Galaxy Studios, has focused more upon creating partnerships with larger video game studios, enabling it to complete work on parts of much larger projects than it would have been unable to undertake alone. Some of the projects they worked on include: Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Tron: Evolution, Back to the Future and Bioshock 2 for PC.

Not only can you pick the brains of these game developers at Otronicon, you can also play their video games! Iron Galaxy’s booth will feature video games they worked on in addition to their full-sized Divekick arcade cabinet game.

Divekick, their original game, is the world’s first two-button fighting game. It distills the essence of the fighting game genre into just two buttons with no d-pad directional movement. Divekick’s focused gameplay demonstrates how much depth a single move actually has, and reinforces skills fundamental to the genre: mind games, spacing, timing and quick reactions. It sounds simple but Divekick is a fighting game deconstructed into its purest form!


First-time Otronicon exhibitor Sony suggested “greatness awaits” before releasing their latest gaming console, the PlayStation 4. Well, the tagline rings true again because greatness awaits when you visit Sony during Otronicon!

Sony will be demonstrating all of their latest and greatest products including the elusive PS4 and the new wearable HDTV! Try all of the newest interactive gaming demos and, now playing for your eyes and ears only, experience what it’s like to hook up your console, PC, mobile device or smartphone wirelessly and enjoy your favorite movies and games with a virtual 750 inch screen and virtual 7.1 Surround Sound- even in 3D with the wearable HDTV!

sony hdtv

The University of Central Florida has been an active participant at Otronicon for many years during its nine-year run. Different entities within the university will be bringing something unique to the table at the 2014 event.

Participants from UCF include the Institute for Simulation and Training (IST), Florida Interactive Training Academy (FIEA), and the Center for Research and Education in Arts, Technology and Entertainment (CREATE).

IST aims to explore the role simulation plays in training and education. The program will debut a new project, WAVES, at Otronicon which will allow participants to interact with multiple Kinect sensors and dynamic projection to use the whole body as a metaphor for wave physics.

Alternately, FIEA, a group which offers supplemental education for those pursuing a career in the video game industry to students at UCF, will be providing various workshops aiming to enhance attendees’ knowledge of game development. These workshops range from using LEGOs as a metaphor for game design to allowing participants to create their own videogame using Adobe Flash.

UCF CREATE will also be holding an interactive workshop which instructs participants on how to create GIFs and then share them with their friends. CREATE offers UCF students unique leadership opportunities in the community.

The University of Central Florida has more to offer Otronicon guests than ever before with hands-on workshops and exhibits that will certainly broaden participants’ understanding of game development and technology.

fiea mo cap

EA SPORTS, the brand responsible for the best-selling Madden NFL and FIFA series, returns to Otronicon for the fourth straight year and will spotlight the many exciting aspects of game development.

“It’s in the game” and you can be too, as guests can participate in a motion capture experience just like their favorite athletes or have their facial movements translated to animation with the same groundbreaking technology used for some of EA SPORTS’ next generation of games.  If being in the game wasn’t enough, appear on the cover!  Don the gear and put on your game face to become the cover athlete of your favorite EA SPORTS title and take the photo home.  

In addition, guests can go one-on-one with EA SPORTS’ creative professionals to discover what it takes to make the games you enjoy and how you can ascend the path to make them yourself.  And, of course, there will be plenty of EA SPORTS games available for open play.

EA Sports

Wes Maggio of Wacom previews the company's Intuos and Cintiq products at Photoshop World East 2013.

Discover how Wacom's pen tablets and pen displays are ideal for illustrators, video game developers, animators and more!

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