The event 10 years in the making, Otronicon v.10 is finally here!

Before you begin your quest, read this primer so that you can get the most out of this one-of-a-kind event.


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Children’s Transport Services

Florida Hospital Transport Services 1

Minutes count when an emergency occurs. It’s then that the pediatric transport team at Florida Hospital for Children springs into action, fielding a team of highly trained specialists who will accompany your child to the hospital. Each member of our transport team has extensive neonatal and/or pediatric critical care training, ensuring that your child’s quality of care is not interrupted during transport. All team members have a minimum of 3 years ICU education and hold the following certifications: NRP, PALS, ACLS, and STABLE. There is always an RN and an RRT on board, and the team operates under the scope of a physician, who stays in contact during transit. Extensive continuing education keeps our team members on the leading edge of NICU and PICU care.

Florida Hospital Transport Services 2

Florida Hospital for Children provides 24/7 coverage to over 30 hospitals in 15 surrounding counties, ensuring that all incoming patients get the specialized trip they need as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated pediatric ambulances are designed to cater to the needs of neonatal and pediatric patients, allowing critical therapies to be performed on the go. These international grade vehicles are fully customized with child friendly features including a DVD player and specialized medical equipment, such as dinosaur masks for nebulizer treatments. Special services include nitric oxide in transit, newborn and pediatric ventilators, and air transport via the helicopter Florida Flight 1.

Our skilled transport team extends the same the world-class care children receive at Florida Hospital for Children to all transport patients. Visit the Florida Hospital for Children ambulance at Otronicon and learn more about what it takes to be a part of the life-saving transport team. 

Cherry Pie Games is excited to attend our second Otronicon as an exhibitor. This year we'll be bringing our newest title in development, Tacopocalypse. Tacopocalypse is a humorous 3D stunt driving delivery game that takes place during the apocalypse. We're excited to show our newest game to the Orlando community because for us this game is an end of the culture of isolation we live with today in games. With Tacopocalypse we're hoping to bring people back together for some face-to-face friendly competition.

Otronicon is near and dear to our hearts here at Cherry Pie Games. It is the catalyst that started our developers down the path that lead them to found Cherry Pie Games. A couple of our founders participatied in and won the first Otronicon Game Jam. That experience fueled our founders to continue pursuing their passion which manifests itself today as Cherry Pie Games. So, we love having the opportunity to come back to our roots every year and share our passion with the next generations. Otronicon also offers us a great opportunity to meet other developers in our community. Having a strong gaming industry presence in Orlando is important to us and we're constantly looking for ways to grow and expand our tight community.

During Otronicon 2015, a local Orlando startup exhibited with their UCF engineering school project. Their virtual reality flight simulator was a hit and gained lots of attention as visitors saw the strong potential in their prototype.

This year, Talon Simulations will be returning and they will be debuting the launch of their Atomic A3 full motion simulator. Using innovative-patented technology, the A3 produces high fidelity motion detail and powerful accelerations to provide a realistic simulation experience. Combining this with near limitless adjustability and unrivaled software support, Talon is re-writing the rulebook for affordable motion simulation.

With the novel integration of a virtual reality headset, Talon is providing the most immersive and realistic experience at the best price. The Atomic A3 is adjustable for different size users, adaptable to different vehicle simulations including planes, racecars, and roller coasters, and affordable, making these experiences more accessible to greater audiences.

Not only can you stop by their booth to try out their infamous flight simulator, but they will also have a racing simulator set up at the STEM Sim Ex booth. Make sure you give one of their simulators a try and see why people are saying, “your product is amazing” and “this is the best experience I’ve ever had in virtual reality!”

talon simulations

About Talon Simulations

Located in Orlando, FL, Talon Simulations, LLC is a small business specializing in hardware/software integration of virtual reality vehicle simulations. They have a passion to create the most immersive and exciting experiences at a price point that is more accessible to greater audiences. The Atomic A3 is just the beginning for the company as their research and development team continuously invent creative products, maintaining a competitive edge in the emerging virtual reality industry.

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