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Otronicon is intended to not only entertain guests, but to showcase career opportunities right in our own backyard.

Students seeking out the best path for their future or adults seeking a career change will find Otronicon to be the place to come for more information and direction on careers in interactive technology.

Workshops, Panels, even Career Bytes all serve the same purpose, to shed light in one of Central Florida’s most productive industries.

So, have fun at Otronicon… play some videogames, ride a flight simulator, even test a robot. But know that behind all the fun is an exciting, energizing career path that’s yours for the taking and know that Otronicon can be that first step in an amazing journey!

Here's a look at some of the career opportunities available at Otronicon:



Focusing on the world of technology and digital media, our workshops cover topics from game design to cyberforensics. Featuring partners from our local industry and educational institutions, join us to discover exciting career pathways and hands-on experiences in these fields. Designed for young men and women, ages 12-18.


Panels & Speakers

Hear from local industry leaders and get their expert advice. In these moderated discussions, you'll learn how people working in the industry today got their start and keep their edge. Designed for young women and men exploring a career path or for those looking to make a change.


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