STEAM Education

The Orlando Science Center hopes to showcase the importance of STEAM education at Otronicon. Derived from STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), STEAM is the integration of Art and Design. The vitality of STEAM is becoming more widely accepted at institutions, educational facilities, and corporations.

The knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior students acquire from studying the arts are the skills needed to be successful in the global economy which is why Otronicon highlights local artists. When combined with a solid STEM curriculum, these skills include creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration; flexibility and adaptability; and social and cross-cultural skills.

By incorporating the arts, it will show the versatility of some careers that most don’t necessarily consider. For example, game creation is a big industry that Otronicon showcases, and it takes not only tech-savvy people, but artists and creators as well. The four-day interactive tech expo will feature artists from graphic designers to sculptors and hopes to inspire visitors by showcasing the fusion of technology and art. Click here for a full list of the artists exhibiting at Otronicon!