Tabletop Gaming Debut

Video games have definitely dominated the decade. Software such as facial recognition and virtual reality have revolutionized the way games are created, but this year, Otronicon is getting back to the basics with table-top gaming.

Table-top gaming has been on the rise for the past couple years and it has transformed the gaming realm. Table-top games are either board games, card games, dice games, or any game meant to be played on a table or other flat surface. Today, there are clubs, expos and conventions dedicated to table-top game development and game design testing. The industry has also become popular in the Central Florida community. In fact, there are businesses around Orlando that specialize in hosting table-top games.

Table-top games are played on a different platform than video games, but many of the game mechanics remain the same. For example, there are similar though processes that take place when game creators decide how a table-top game is played, including variables like resource management, strategic planning and critical thinking. Both video games and table-top games each have their own appeal, but Otronicon will showcase how the two are intertwined and how they can teach valuable skills.

Some of the noteworthy table-top games to keep an eye out at Otronicon are ROBiTS, Aetherkey, Monkey in the Middle, Supah Villians, R3:Code, and more! Click here for a full list of tabletop exhibitors.